Joe Manzanares


About Me

Giving began when I was a child. Helping out at the church or with my friends at Boy Scouts. I learned early that helping others made me feel good, and served a bigger cause than myself.


With my professional career, I have been able to help people look better, create financial wealth. Finance, buy and invest in real estate. Create technological solutions. Live healthier in a spiritual and physical (nutritional) way. I have brought solutions and enrichment to those I have helped.    


I have pounded nails for Habitat for Humanity. Taught classes for Junior Achievement. Volunteered on a COMIRB Board at University Hospital. Raised money for kids in Malawi, donated to the United Way. I have a team that provides loans through KIVA to provide for families around the world. Donating to different charities to save  the wildlife in this beautiful world of ours. As well as adding a new member to the family through the Dumb Friends League.  

The list goes on, but this has just been what one person with a small influence has done. Now  it is time to tackle the biggest challenge of my life, and that would be to help eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet, with your help. 


Our Mission of HOPE

Change Your Life, Change the World™

Up until now I have been but one person trying to make a difference. By joining together with EvolvHealth™, my new mission is to share HOPE with everyone I come into contact with. Buy providing people with better nutritional health we in turn can provide children in need, longer healthier lives, through Buy1Nourish2™.  I also created "Purchase and Donate" for those who just want to make a direct contribution. 


How You Can Help

With your help our revolutionary platform, harnesses the power of a people movement to address global problems in a sustainable way. Join us as we move forward in saving the lives of millions of children, one child at a time with our Buy1Nourish2.  We have a mission of providing nutrition to six million children a day.  We need your help. 

Whether it is a single donation, or a monthly donation, it makes a difference to the child who receives your help. By using either the Purchase and Donate or the Buy1Nourish2™ initiative you are going to help us eradicate a global epidemic.  Join me, Joe Manzanares and The HOPE Movement as we eradicate childhood malnutrition together. 


  “If you can't feed a hundred people,  feed just one.”  

― Mother Teresa