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 The Buy1Nourish2™ giving initiative was designed to allow us to provide BOTH the consumer AND the children we nourish with standardized whole food nutritional support. New social businesses have come into the market over the last few years that are connecting the sale of their food products (typically snack bars) to the donation of a fortified food packet to bring relief to an undernourished child somewhere in the world. 

While this is a noble effort, it falls short in two important areas: First, in today’s world, both the consumer as well as the child have a critical need for whole food nutritional support, not just another sugar-filled, nutrient-deficient snack food; second, the human body was designed to best utilize nutrients from food, not from synthetically made vitamins and minerals. 

That’s why our initiative offers real HOPE to everyone involved. For every serving purchased by our customers or affiliates, we will match it with a serving of nutrition through our HOPE Puffs or HOPE BLEND. 



Nutrition for malnourished children



HOPE Puffs

HOPE Puffs is a no-sugar protein cereal infused with our proprietary Aloe vera extract, Evolv Immūn. HOPE Puffs helps organizations serving malnourished children by providing: 1) a source of good nutrition where food itself is scarce, 2) a much-needed source of protein to support healthy growth and development, and 3) natural immune support, where dietary deficiencies frequently compromise immune health. 

HOPE Blend

 HOPE Blend provides 100% of the micronutrient vitamins and minerals and advanced immune support from whole food sources that a child needs for an entire day in a single 1/4 teaspoon serving. HOPE Blend is a nutrient powder that is added to existing meals at locations where malnutrition hinders healthy childhood growth and development. It is the same high-quality nutrient source that is incorporated into our Evolv Immun, Evolv LifeBar and Evolv Daily products. 

Experience the joy of of the HOPE MOVEMENT as a guest of President Fox and his wife Marta. 

Press Releases


April 12, 2017 Dallas, TX — In an exciting development in their mission to eradicate childhood malnutrition, EvolvHealth announced today it has confirmed a partnership with the humanitarian non-profit Convoy of HOPE to begin distributing servings of its proprietary nutritional support product HOPE Puffs to orphanages in the US, starting with locations in Mississippi and funded by their Buy 1, Nourish 2™ social business initiative. 

Press Release (PDF):  Click Here

August 17, 2016 — In a press conference in Léon Mexico today with former President of Mexico Vicente Fox & wife and founder of Vamos México, Marta Fox, EvolvHealth announced the launch of its new protein-based cereal “HOPE Puffs.” The cereal, intended to be donated to organizations serving malnourished children.
Press Release (PDF): Click Here

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